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[now in English:] 8th of March: Whose Day? Or: Who is Women*?

Decided to have this post in English, too. :-)

Around the 8th of march a lot of feminist talks, demonstrations, parties and other events and actions took place that aimed at enriching exchange on (queer) feminist discussions and to take these (queer) feminist issues and struggles to the streets. Many of the activists involved have been working at linking several struggles and dimensions, through cooperations with different groups, taking into account topics of international feminist struggles and the situation of refugee (women*) in Germany, providing translation and trying to organize demonstrations that could be attended safely by refugees (without papers), too (for example the march organized by International Women’s Space in Berlin or the Reclaim Feminism demonstration in Cologne). The necessity of considering different structures of oppression has been made visible in many spaces – even if there is still a lot to do in many regards.
There is one barrier concerning the inclusion of diverse social positions and identifications which one encounters already in most events‘ titles or related texts: women*. More specifically: the usage of the term women*. (mehr…)