[english:] Materials on Transmisogyny

Since most of the materials I linked in the last post are in English anyway, I decided to sum up the earlier blog post and list just the English speaking resources.

Let’s jump right to it:
I was lucky enough to attend a Workshop by Louzie (she’s a political activist who focuses among lots of other topics – on trans* and trans*femininity issues – see her profile on the female speakers‘ list), which was super helpful – thanks Louzie!

Few points I learned are that were discussed in the workshop:
- Transmisogynie aims for the performance, not for identity; so all ‚male-appearing‘ persons that perform are seen to perform in a ‚feminin‘ way can be effected by that, including cis-males.
- we briefly discussed feminist socialisation and its impact on expectations and (hidden) rules, coming with (potential) exclusions.
- we heard about transwomen’s experience to be judged and excluded due to reproaches of ‚male dominant behaviour‘ – while cis-women are not called out for the same behaviour. Short question to remember whenever you wonder if critizising someone’s behaviour is transmisogynie or not: „Would it be a problem when a cis-woman did the same? No? Then it’s transmisogynie.“
Here’s a list of materials on Transmisogynie, recommended by Louzie (May 2016):


Mock, Janet (2014). Redefining Realness. My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & so much more.
Atria Books

Serano, Julia (2007). Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of
Femininity. Berkeley: Seal Press

Serano, Julia (2013). Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive. Berkeley:
Seal Press

binaohan, b. (2014). decolonizing trans/gender 101. Toronto: biyuti publishing


„After Stonewall“ (1999)

„bell hooks and Laverne Cox in a public dialogue at The New School“

„Cruel and unusual“ (2006)

„I am a woman now“ (2011)

„Muslim Drag Queens“ (12.01.2015)

„Sylvia Rivera – Y‘all better quiet down“ (1973)

Texts online

Serano, Julia: „Transmisogyny Primer“

„Transmisogyny 101: What it is and what we can do about it“

Reed, Natalie (06.03.2012): „A Beginner’s Guide To Trans-Misogyny“

Serano, Julia (2013): „How to Be an Ally to Trans Women *Excerpt from Excluded*“

Berg, Alex (09.03.2013): „Are queer women leaving trans women behind?“

Here some links to media productions by transwomen that I liked and found helpful as an ally:

6-episodes of Fiction: her story (written by Jen Richards & Laura Zak who describe it as „sweet as fuck“)

Zine:Fucking Trans Women (Miranda Darling Bellwether) [note: contains explicit pictures about sex and genitals]

Book: Transgender History (Susan Stryker)

Doku-Serie: True Trans (with Laura Jane Grace of AGAINST ME!)

Plus: recently on an international level….: lgbti-news on the murder of the transwoman and activist Hande Kader in Turkey and prostest by friends and allies:
“Don’t be silent, shout, trans exist.”