[kurz verlinkt:] „Ein Trans*Kinderbuch fürs Klassenzimmer!“ (Sophie Labelle)

[Die wichtigsten Infos übersetzt:]

Sophie Labelle, Cartoonistin (assignedmale) und Kinderbuchautorin hat eine neue Aktion gestartet:
Ihr Kinderbuch mit dem Titel „Ein Mädchen wie jedes andere“ (über die Transition eines Kindes und über seine Familie, Freund_innen etc.) soll kostenlos an Grundschullehrer_innen verschickt werden.

Dafür müssen Lehrer_innen ihr lediglich bis 15. August eine Nachricht an sophie@assignedmale.com oder über Facebook schicken.

Finanziert wird das ganz über eine Crowfunding-Kampagne. (In 2 Tagen kamen schon fast 2.000 Dollar zusammen!)

Falls ihr also Lehrer_in seid oder solche kennt, dann sorgt doch gerne für eine Bestellung (memo: das Buch ist auf Englisch). Und/oder spendet noch einen Beitrag.

Hier der original Text von Sophie:

Get a trans book in classrooms!

Hey there!

I am Sophie Labelle, a cartoonist as well as a children’s literature author.

As a former elementary school teacher, I know how limited classroom budgets are, but as someone who grew up trans, I also know how important it is for trans youth to be in contact with positive trans fictional characters. So here’s my idea :

I made this children’s book titled „A Girl Like Any Other“ about four years ago, about a young girl’s transition and her family and friends. It’s basically the book that launched my career as an author. It allowed me to draw more and to meet some of the most amazing families that I know, and gave me the background setting for my comic series „Assigned Male“.

As it’s almost back-to-school time, I want to send copies of the book for free to elementary teachers that are willing to have it in their classrooms. All they will have to do is to send me a message at sophie@assignedmale.com or on Facebook before August 15th.

The goal is to get the budget to print 200 copies as well as enough money to cover shipping fees for all over the world. I‘ll adjust the goal if I see that the demand is higher than that.

It costs around 8$ to print one single copy, and we can estimate a median of 4$ for the shipping (it’s 2$ for Canada – where I live, – 3$ for the US and 5.50$ worldwide). We need to add 7% for the handling of the money by GoFundMe and Paypal, so that’s 12.84$ per copy – so 2568$ for 200 copies.

If there’s any money left from the campaign, it will be donated to the Trans Lifeline.
Help spread the word!“